Reason One Zombies Would Fail

Humans are currently at the top of the foodchain, this is because we’re insanely good at killing things. So even though we’re easy as fuck to kill we’ve often killed threats before they’ve even had to chance to be one.

We’re far too smart and well-armed for any wild animal to attempt to hunt us. A zombie is essentially a wild animal. It lacks every advantage that has kept us from being eaten to extinction. It wanders in the open without the ability to use weapons, it can’t think or use strategy and it doesn’t even have our sense of self-preservation to run and hide when it’s in danger. It’s pretty much easy food for what ever animal makes it their prey.

I’m not just talking huge animals here, insects are a pain in the ass to us regular humans. The only thing stopping us from having our eyes and tongues eaten out by maggots is our immune system and ability to swat insects away. Any part of the world with a fly problem would have their zombies swarming with maggots in no time at all. This would result in their soft tissues becoming infested and their eyes would quickly become useless.

Just think of all the stray dogs that would realize zombies are an easy meal.

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